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Think automated customer support is out of reach for complex, technical tasks?

Think again.

Digital Support Agent

PowerUser is a platform for creating a digital SaaS expert to provide automated support to end-users. With PowerUser enabled, users with no training can perform complex tasks in a self-serve fashion by receiving technical support, onboarding assistance, and sales and service care from a digital agent.

PowerUser reduces calls to customer support and reliance on static help documents, lowering costs and improving the customer experience.


Lower barriers to adoption


Faster onboarding process


Reduced customer churn


Higher margins

Robust Wizard Interface

PowerUser digital support is delivered through a private-labelled Wizard interface, hosted by PowerUser on a dedicated link. The interface is intuitive and requires no training for users.

Would you trust a chatbot?

The PowerUser Wizard is more reliable and capable.


Can get more done for the user


Has a deeper understanding of the supported SaaS service


Never gets confused by a user’s responses

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