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Automate SaaS Onboarding and Adoption

Customer onboarding timelines and costs restrict your pace of growth because each customer and their staff present a new challenge. Automate the process with PowerUser to unlock your ability to scale profitably.

Onboarding automation removes barriers to scaling revenue and boosting margins


Lower barriers to adoption


Faster onboarding process


Reduced customer churn


Higher margins

Automation by a Digital Agent

PowerUser is a Digital Agent that assists your customers with complex tasks in your platform during and after onboarding. Through a simple conversational interface, PowerUser can interact with users regardless of their expertise or training. By providing PowerUser to your customers, you can automate implementation and support with a Digital Agent for a fast and consistent customer experience. PowerUser frees your sales engineers and customer success staff to focus their efforts on your highest value customers.

PowerUser is designed for complex SaaS onboarding and support


Conversational interface engineered to resolve complex tasks quickly


Available 24/7 on desktop and mobile with no training necessary


Robust understanding of your platform is easily updated and surfaces subtle considerations

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