Embed Automated Chatbot Intelligence.
PowerUser is a API that delivers user voice and chat support using just your OpenAPI documentation for training.

Chatbot Intelligence as a Service

Voice or Text

Whether by phone, chat, or text, PowerUser meets your customers where they are.

Delivered via API

Embed calls to our API in your application. We deliver AI for APIs through an API.

Fully Conversational

The PowerUser AI manages the entire conversation to address a user’s needs.

Why PowerUser
Traditional chatbots rely on a poor engineering design: the decision tree. Nested if/then/else blocks increase code maintenance costs, restrict the types of interactions, and stultify user conversations with hard-coded scripts. What’s more, contextual awareness is limited and must be hard-coded in the blocks.
PowerUser has an entirely different approach.

Domain Knowledge

The PowerUser AI automatically trains on your OpenAPI documentation. Your API represents codified domain knowledge that the PowerUser AI can leverage to dynamically serve user conversations.


By treating your API endpoints and schemas as components, PowerUser assembles conversations on the fly. The composability of API components makes a PowerUser chatbot more powerful as you extend your API.

Contextual Awareness

The PowerUser AI experiences your API as a graph of calls it can navigate and activate. Contextual awareness is a property that emerges naturally through neighborhood graph search, enriching conversations with more natural and informed responses.

Enable complex interactions
Set up and maintain with ease
Hands free
How It Works
  1. Define your public or private API in the OpenAPI documentation standard.
  2. Add a few PowerUser custom fields to your OpenAPI documentation.
  3. Upload your OpenAPI documentation to PowerUser for AI training.
PowerUser API Call Sequence
  1. Pass a user request to PowerUser for parsing.
  2. Receive a chatbot response to share with the user through text or voice, as well as details on any API calls you should execute in your system.
  3. Execute the API calls in your system and pass the results to PowerUser for parsing.
  4. Receive a response to share with the user and repeat the cycle.
Retain Control
  • You control UI and user experience.  Deploy anywhere.
  • You control API call execution and user authentication. Your API endpoints can remain private, if desired.
  • You select best-of-breed speech-to-text and text-to-speech for voice.
About Us

PowerUser’s staff of MIT and UC Berkeley trained computer scientists has developed “natural language to API” (nl2api) translation capabilities. nl2api is a machine learning algorithm that translates a user’s request to a series of API calls. PowerUser Voice leverages nl2api to conduct conversations with users that are dynamic and natural.

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