Automate L2 Technical Support for PaaS, IaaS

Solve users’ L2 technical requests immediately without burdening engineering staff by putting an LLM to work.

An AI Conversant in Your Software
Resolves Issues Itself
Resolves user requests without involving engineering.
Understands Your API
Understands any REST API with standard OpenAPI documentation.
Fully Conversational

Manages the entire conversation in a natural way.

Why PowerUser

General LLMs can search for and collate information from a knowledge base, but they cannot perform in-depth reasoning or take a customer’s data into account.  As a result, they lack the ability to resolve many technical issues themselves.

PowerUser can assist a customer with their specific situation and resolve their issue autonomously.

Domain Knowledge

The PowerUser AI automatically trains on your OpenAPI documentation and key business logic. These represent codified domain knowledge that the PowerUser AI can leverage to help users troubleshoot through in-depth conversations.

Implementation Precision

Technical support is exacting, a quality not expressed by general LLMs. PowerUser can be trusted to implement tasks as they are intended and honor data types and validation.

Customer Specificity

By understanding how to interact with your API, the PowerUser AI is able to diagnose and resolve specific customer issues rather than just give general advice.

Enable complex interactions
Set up and maintain with ease
How it works
How It Works
  1. Upload your standard OpenAPI documentation to PowerUser.
  2. Provide key business logic for the AI to enforce.
  3. In your chat window of choice, pass user requests to PowerUser through our API, and post our responses in the chat.
About Us
PowerUser’s staff of MIT and UC Berkeley trained computer scientists has developed conversational “natural language to API” (nl2api) capabilities. nl2api is a machine learning algorithm that translates a user’s request to a series of API calls. PowerUser Voice leverages nl2api to conduct conversations with users that are dynamic and natural.
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