Turn your API into automated customer support.

Embed an AI voice and chat assistant that understands your API for powerful automated support.

Support That Delights Users

Voice or Text

Whether by phone, chat, or text, PowerUser meets your customers where they are.

Powerful AI

Just list your API calls for the PowerUser AI to understand how to provide support using them.

Fully Automated

The PowerUser AI manages the entire conversation to address a customer’s needs.

Why PowerUser

Most support AIs robotically follow a script, which leaves customers frustrated.  The PowerUser AI understands your platform directly from its technical documentation for more natural and more powerful interactions.

Natural Conversations

Say goodbye to constraining, brittle decision trees. PowerUser understands how your API works for it can guide users more naturally to accomplish their tasks.

Intelligent Interactions

When the PowerUser AI identifies the task a customer wants to accomplish, it finds the optimal way to use your API to do so. As the conversation progresses, PowerUser uses the additional knowledge to update the route like you would map a drive.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Decision trees don't scale well and are difficult to maintain, so we don't use them. Creating and updating your automated support is as easy as copying and pasting your API documentation.

Enable complex interactions
Set up and maintain with ease
Hands free
How it works
How It Works

Enable PowerUser by providing a list of API actions the user may perform.  You need only define your platform’s capabilities, not map out all possible conversations.

API Documentation Components

The PowerUser AI trains on standard API documentation, including actions, types, arguments, returns, and validation.

About Us

PowerUser’s staff of MIT and UC Berkeley trained computer scientists has developed “natural language to API” (nl2api) translation capabilities. nl2api is a machine learning algorithm that translates a user’s request to a series of API calls. PowerUser Voice leverages nl2api to conduct conversations with users that are dynamic and natural.

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