Give your enterprise app the power of voice.
Embed AI that responds to user voice commands for intuitive, hands-free access to all your features.
Voice Delights Users
Enables Hands-Free
Enhance productivity for users behind the wheel or while working with their hands.
Expands Features
Escape mobile UI constraints for features currently restricted to desktop.
Eases Adoption
Make app use intuitive for non-admin users who receive less training.
Why PowerUser

Integrate a voice assistant directly into your enterprise application with the PowerUser API and enable deeper voice interactions.

Navigate by Voice

PowerUser seamlessly integrates voice into the enterprise application experience. Use voice to navigate app pages and views, including filtering specific data of interest and incorporating a voice response.

Enable Complex Interactions

PowerUser identifies not just which action a user wants to perform, but also the arguments the user provides for the action, enabling more tailored responses.

Set Up and Maintain with Ease

There is no need for decision trees or intent phrases that take time to create and maintain, and do not scale well. Instead, PowerUser learns directly from a list of actions a user may perform and the arguments a user may provide for each action.

Enable complex interactions
Set up and maintain with ease
Hands free
How it works
How It Works
With PowerUser Voice enabled, app users can interact by speaking naturally. App developers can enable PowerUser Voice simply by providing a list of actions the user may perform.
Integrate PowerUser Voice using the PowerUser API

Send PowerUser a user’s voice command and receive the
interpreted action and arguments for the app to execute, as well as an optional vocal response to play.

About Us
PowerUser’s staff of MIT and UC Berkeley trained computer scientists has developed “natural language to API” (nl2api) translation capabilities. nl2api is a machine learning algorithm that translates a user’s request to a series of API calls. PowerUser Voice leverages nl2api to conduct conversations with users and give them hands-free access to app features.
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