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Importing Data into Salesforce
Category: Salesforce
01 Apr

Importing Data into Salesforce

Importing data into Salesforce is one of the most challenging tasks that regularly faces users and admins.  When learning how best to import data, there are several questions that come to mind: What Salesforce feature do I use to import data? Am I able to import data myself or do I need an admin with..

13 Mar

Working with Files in Salesforce

Most data in Salesforce is stored as records in the Salesforce database for your organization (technically, Salesforce uses a multi-tenant architecture that uses a combined structure to store data from different organizations, but that’s a not how you experience it as a user). But some information you might want to store and share exists in..

21 Feb

Understanding Salesforce Permissions

  • February 21, 2019
  • poweruser

Permissions in Salesforce can be dizzying.  Between licenses, profiles, and permission sets, there are multiple ways permissions can be assigned, and multiple considerations you should take into account.  And there are SO MANY permissions that can be set, which means there are equally many ways they can trip you up.  I’m going to break it..