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PowerUser for SaaS Providers

PowerUser provides custom implementations of our proprietary digital agent for SaaS platforms. Users can access your platform’s features through a conversational interface to resolve complex issues themselves.

PowerUser is a digital expert available to assist your users


Speed onboarding to boost adoption


Ease the learning curve to reduce churn


Offer self-serve support to reduce costs

Augment Your Web and Mobile Experience

Reduce your platform’s barriers to adoption by improving its usability. Give your customer’s the tools they need to ramp up quickly and have always-on support for all of their needs. With lower setup and support costs, your gross margin expands.

Complex SaaS Tasks Are Simplified By A Linear Conversation

The PowerUser AI will ask one question at a time and present your users with simple, clear options.

Request A Demo

Request a demo to discover how PowerUser can help you leverage the latest conversational technologies for your unique system.