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PowerUser’s Digital Salesforce Admin provides always-on Salesforce support from an expert AI.

Get Immediate Salesforce Support

Your team needs Salesforce support now, not in 24-48 hours. Being non-technical, they rely on Salesforce experts and admins to help them through challenges. But there are never enough to go around, so ticket queue backlogs cost your team time as they wait for a resolution. You could have IT build you another specialized process that might make things easier, but that could take weeks or months, even if you get the project prioritized.

In the time it would take to submit a support ticket, your team members can get immediate assistance from PowerUser’s Digital Salesforce Admin instead. PowerUser is not a help desk that gives them instructions. And it’s not phone support that talks them through the solution from thousands of miles away. It actually performs the tasks they need done in Salesforce, in real-time.

How It Works

PowerUser works by having a conversation with your team member. Through a chat window, it asks simple questions one at a time to understand the task. There’s never any guesswork for what to do next, so they never get lost or forget the proper process. Then it implements their requests automatically in Salesforce. The whole process takes under a minute for most requests.

Do they need to do something complex? No problem. PowerUser was designed for complex tasks like exporting a new data set as a flat file to work with in Excel.

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