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Intelligent Process Automation

PowerUser AI Is a Digital Agent That Supports Your SaaS

What is Intelligent Process Automation?

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the technical evolution of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  RPA was designed to automate robotic processes, but the result is that the automation itself is also robotic.  It follows simple scripts to get straightforward tasks done more efficiently.  But what if your work isn’t straightforward?  You need Intelligent Process Automation to make it possible to automate complex tasks.

PowerUser provides IPA through a digital agent, powered by artificial intelligence.  The PowerUser AI is an expert in managing multi-cloud enterprise software and is capable of interacting with users through a simple conversational interface.  You can chat with the PowerUser AI and make a request for it to perform complex tasks in your business software.  The AI will gather all the relevant requirements, dependencies, and considerations because it understands your software at a deep level.  It can tee up key questions for you and alert you to any subtle issues.  Then it will execute everything you need, even across multiple clouds, and in a fraction of the time it would take an human specialist to do it.  What’s more, you don’t need any expertise or training to operate PowerUser, so everyone in your organization can benefit from it.

To reduce costs significantly, companies can leverage the PowerUser AI to replace many of their off-shore SaaS support resources and junior admin staff.  The PowerUser AI is fully scalable and can handle simultaneous requests from employees across the organization, chatting with them as if it were a human admin.

Complex SaaS Tasks Are Simplified by a Linear Conversation

The PowerUser AI will ask one question at a time and present you with simple, clear options so you don’t get lost in the expanse of endless webpages and clickable links.

Custom Implementations

PowerUser provides custom Intelligent Process Automation implementations of our proprietary digital agent.  Features are accessed through a conversational interface that allows users to chat with the PowerUser AI to resolve tasks. The interface is accessible by all desired staff and requires little to no training for use.

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Request a callback to discuss how we can help you leverage the latest IPA technologies for your unique system.