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Salesforce Digital Admin

Salesforce expertise from an AI at a fraction of the cost of a human specialist.

PowerUser is the first Slack bot designed to handle complex Salesforce tasks.  Simply ask PowerUser for what you need in Salesforce, and our AI gets it done in real-time.  It’s like having a Salesforce specialist on staff that can handle all your users’ needs, freeing the human Salesforce admin to focus on what counts.

Importing Bulk Data

Have a large data file to import to Salesforce?  Normally, you’d have to look up each reference field ID in your dataset and track down import errors one by one. PowerUser will auto-fill reference IDs from names, correct data inconsistencies, and report on all data errors upfront for an error-free data import.

Solving Permissions Problems

Have a user that is being prevented from using a Salesforce feature?  PowerUser will lead you through step-by-step questions to resolve permissions issues. Instead of watching how-to videos, you’ll be done in under a minute.

Report Generation

Want to export data from Salesforce and work with it in your own spreadsheet?  Just tell the AI what you’d like to see and it will collate the data for you so you can export a flat file to your favorite spreadsheet.

File Upload and Sharing

Files often accumulate on local drives when they should be cataloged and shared centrally in your SaaS platform.  Uploading dozens of files at once and attaching them to an account in Salesforce has never been easier.

Try for Free

Install PowerUser Salesforce Basic for free right now, no credit card required.  Or take a look at all our Salesforce Automation Plans.

Other SaaS Platforms

For SaaS platforms other than Salesforce or multiple platforms in combination, read about our general Intelligent Process Automation solution.