Why PowerUser

PowerUser Significantly Reduces Enterprise SaaS Operating Costs

Adopting a New SaaS Platform is Difficult

Business software is overwhelming, and there isn’t enough time in the day to learn it all. Training and certifications take months to complete and reach proficiency, all while work piles up. Documentation is confusing and video tutorials take hours to comb through to answer each question. If you do have someone on the team with the experience to help, don’t count on your lifeline sticking around forever. Employee churn is relentlessly depleting institutional knowledge of your SaaS.

Staffing for SaaS Support is Expensive

Salaries for full-time SaaS admins typically range from $80,000 to $120,000 annually before benefits.  To provide additional support resources, especially in response to changes in business processes and staff turnover, many companies also employ specialist consultants.  Ongoing consultant support costs for SaaS platforms often range in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annually.

SaaS Support Bottlenecks are Costing You

When internal users are unable to effectively use your platform themselves and cannot get the immediate support they need, requests for support pile up in queues.  Delayed requests affect your sales, marketing, and service pipelines that are held up as they wait for data to be input or retrieved, or for an action to be taken.  Sales delays affect your ability to close a deal or upsell a client.  Marketing delays of just 24 hours impact large numbers of potential customers who are trying to enter or advance through your customer journey.  Service delays result in frustrated customers who may not return to buy again and may choose to write negative reviews, affecting your brand perception more broadly.

Enter PowerUser, Now for Salesforce

PowerUser can help lower your SaaS costs today by instantly making your staff operate like experts in your business software.  Contact us to find out how, or add PowerUser Basic to Slack now for free.

PowerUser requires that your Salesforce license includes API access.